Here at Magnificent Mouthfuls Cupcakes & Catering, I love to help out those who either:

a) Can’t directly help themselves
b) Need a little extra nudge towards their goals
c) Pretty much anybody who I can help out


How do I go about helping the above out?

Donations! Donations! Donations!

Although I can’t help everybody in the world who needs it, I do my best at contributing to those in our local community who are struggling.

I donate monthly, personal hygiene and household products to Stepping Stone Baskets. They are a local organisation helping out those coming out of domestic violence relationships, foster care, homeless shelter’s, women’s shelters and men’s shelters.

I personally think that Stepping Stone Baskets is a great asset to the Townsville and surrounding community with it’s wonderful volunteers donating their time, it’s amazing supporters donating their money, and the founder, Cherie Stroud (and her family), who created this non-for profit organisation.


Stepping Stone Baskets


Who else do I help out you ask?

In addition to donating on an ongoing monthly basis to Stepping Stone Baskets, I also try to find someone else to help out.

Whether this is donating cupcakes to the local retirement village for their afternoon tea. Or helping raise funds to locals to achieve their goals (children with disabilities, raising money for cancer). I always find someone worth helping out.


Why do I choose to donate?

You know what, plain and simple… I don’t have the most extravagant and lush lifestyle – but hey, I’ve got a roof over my head, food on my table, a wonderful and healthy family – and I’ve got it a hell of a lot ‘better’ than some out there.



How can you help out?

Feeling super generous and awesome today?
Why not make a donation yourself?
In the drop down menu, there is more information on the wonderful organisations / people that I am helping out now or have helped out in the past.

Pop on over to the page, take a peek and if you decide to donate – leave with that warm squishy feeling inside knowing you’ve done something amazing today!

And if you don’t donate – even just reading up and showing interest shows that you are a most awesome human!