Each month I get to create wonderfully whimsical, simple yet satsifying, ever so elegant, and plain just be creative.

I’m living my cake business dream really.

And I get to see the smiles that each creation brings to my customers faces.

There are a particular few edible art pieces that I create each month, that bring a smile to my face also!

Whether it be the experience with the customer, seeing photos of the occassion afterwards, simply trying a new technique, or that the cake was bubbly and fun, like my personality… there are ALWAYS a few that stick out.

Below are my favourites from December 2017:

dairy free unicorn cake
Wanna know why I love this cake? It’s dairy free. And it’s still beautiful looking, and I received comments on how wonderful it still tasted. AND I received a photo of the birthday girl with a huge smile on her face! Makes it worth while!



Frozen Themed Cake
What’s so special about this simple buttercream cake with an edible image? I LOVE the the side of the cake is textured, and at an angel, rather than the popular horizontal or vertical. It just adds a little somethin’ somethin’ different, ya know? (I also enjoy the dust around the base)



Drip rainbow cake
This cake was for a horse and rainbow lover. This is my first ever drip style cake that didn’t actually involve a proper drip. These drips are using edible gels to create the effect!



ombre purple cake with cookies
COOKIES!!! I love packaging cookies! There is something that really just finishes them off, rather than just being placed on a cake. Super special!



pink and gold 18th cake with sloth cake topper
This one is definitely the customer experience. So… Mumma Bear calls me up and we book in the pink and gold cake as per her daughters request. Then rings up a few weeks later requesting the sloth to be placed on the side. And then… when it came time for pickup, I take the cake out to the daughter in the car to place on her lap for travel… and BAM! She sees it, and smiles a great big smile! SURPRISE!!!!

So there you have it, my favourite cakes for December 2017!



Krystle Armstrong
Magnificent Mouthfuls Cupcakes & Cakes

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