Edible images are one of those wonderful additions to cakes, cupcakes & biscuits, that can really make your sweet treats ‘pop’ with some pizazz!

Edible images are great for:

  • Detailed character and themed cakes (a clear picture can sometimes be better and cheaper than a hand made figurine)
  • A personalized photo of children, family or friends
  • A great way to add your business logo to ANYTHING edible (pretty much)

Edible Image Australia

So, how do you go about getting edible images for your next cakey occasion?!

A nice simple way… order from me. I have a few wonderful providers that I highly recommend and / or use often and I can supply these for you.

BENEFIT: All of the work is taken out of researching, ordering, paying, receiving and placing on your treats.

DOWNFALL: I put a small mark-up to cover all of the above work that I would be doing for you.

So the purpose of this post, is for those who would really LOVE to organize their own edible images, or if I can’t help out because I am booked utterly and completely!




Il Mondo Townsville Edible Image
I recommend Il Mondo.
These guys have an edible printer onsite, and you simply email your custom design through, and have them print these off! SIMPLES! Not to mention… the staff there are absolutely bloody amazing! Always friendly, always helpful!

Check out more about Il Mondo and their edible images HERE




Edible Image Printing Edible Image Australia  
I recommend Edible Image Printing.
Heidi is absolutely amazing! Every print that I have had with her comes with a proof (if I get custom), and has never failed me yet. Quality edible paper, great colours, great service and great postage / packaging. Heidi has also started stocking chocolate transfer sheets too! Exciting!

Check out more about Edible Image Printing and their edible images HERE




Custom Icing Edible Image Worldwide
I recommend Custom Icing.
Michelle has been serving the people in need of edible images for near 10 years now, and she supplies icing sheets, frosting sheets and wafer paper! What a variety to suit any budget and any need. Posting worldwide, Custom Icing is super useful to anybody really, and even has a ‘Design Your Own’ edible image tool on their website!

Check out more about Custom Icing and their edible images HERE



If you would love to enquire about your next occasion, simply CLICK HERE for your FREE QUOTE

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